Monday= Fresh Start !

3 Aug
The title of todays post holds so true. After a weekend of family gatherings and weddings, I struggled and FAILED to keep a good balance. I decided not to blog my weekend eats because they were utterly horrendous! with that being said, I have come to a conclusion….. I will no longer not post my eats because of guilt. I have decided from this day forward I will post my eats no matter how bad they are. After all, that’s exactly why I created this blog in the first place. To hold myself accountable no matter what! Well, as I come off of my tyrant, here are todays eats 🙂

Honey nu cherios w/low fat milk


A realy yummy peach for a snack 😛

Turkey sammy w/ lots of veggies, grapes, and almond thins ( I only had two of these, I did'nt realy care for them)


Green beans (I usualy don't go for canned, but I wanted something quick). I rinsed them off before cooking to cut down on the sodium. I cut up a breaded chicken breast and tossed it in BBQ sauce and hot pepper sauce for a little added kick. Voila! a very yummy and satisfying dinnere!



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