Lazy dazy eats…

17 Nov

Today’s food was rather boring. As you know, I need to go grocery shopping, but I am trying to use up whats in my fridge first. This forces me to use my imagination and be more adventurous with my food. I do think I will hit the grocery store tomorrow, because the eats are getting pretty low. Well, at least the healthy eats are :-/ below are today’s eats!

This morning I ate lunch at my desk, please excuse the picture quality.

Lunch was a repeat of yesterday, but instead of hot pepper sauce, I used bbq instead and loaded up on the spinach and tomatoes ( as you can see, i like those a lot).


Grapes for a snack, is it possible for grapes to be too sweet? I know that sounds crazy, but these grapes were  teeth hurtingly (if that’s a word) sweet.


Dinner was bleh. Just some steamed sweet corn, baked fries, and H2o to finish it off. I promise food will get more interesting, time to raid my healthy recipe box 🙂


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